In 1984, BOYCO was formed in Greensboro, NC. It then shortly branched out to Raleigh, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Virginia, and Tennessee. These branches were mostly geared towards grounds management with large property management firms.

We began building relationships with developers in 1999, creating the need for a landscape design and installation division. The Turf Works Landscape Division of BOYCO was formed, broadening our specialties. Manteo, NC became the new headquarters as we focused on a few large development projects. In turn, BOYCO downsized to support and maintain these projects and work closer to its headquarters. In 2010, our Raleigh, NC branch re-opened under the name BOYCO Corp., with hopes to reclaim our landscape maintenance accounts and bid on new development projects.

BOYCO Corp. has formed a successful landscape design and installation division, while remaining true to its roots in grounds management. We are now servicing local developers, builders and property management companies that have constructed and/or manage apartment/condominium/townhome HOAs, as well as commercial shopping centers, and office buildings.

Company Directory


William M. Boykin Sr. – Owner – Outer Banks, NC

William M. Boykin Jr. – Owner – Raleigh, NC

Judy Hunter – Accounting

Herndon Boykin – Maintenance Foreman – Outer Banks, NC

Matthew (Hutch) Boykin – Hardscapes Foreman – Outer Banks, NC

Stephen G. Boykin – Operations Manager – Raleigh, NC

Michael Carita – Shop Manager – Raleigh, NC

Gabriel Lopez – Maintenance Foreman – Raleigh, NC

Allen Lewis – Maintenance Foreman – Raleigh, NC

Patrick Garrison – Installation Foreman – Raleigh, NC

Jeff Farley – Maintenance/Installation Foreman – Raleigh, NC